About Our Bus Company

Manchester Minibus is a Manchester transfer company with an excellent reputation. We offer safe and efficient coach hire and all kinds of transfer services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We prioritize fast pickups and safe transfers. We make moving easy, hassle-free and affordable. As a result, we are the company that is best suited for anyone who desires to move.
Manchester Minibus has been providing smooth and safe transfer services for more than 15 years. Our services are targeted at individuals, corporate bodies, organizations, schools and colleges and groups of people who need to move in groups. Over the years, we have remained efficient, timely, safe and customer-oriented.


We pride ourselves on experienced and licensed drivers, who are passionate about safe driving and keeping our customers satisfied. Besides, we have maintained an excellent fleet of vehicles that are always in great conditions, mechanically, aesthetically and efficiently. Manchester Minibus has become a hallmark of excellence in the industry, delivering transfer services to the best industry standard.

Our services are accessible 24 hours, 7 days. Whenever you have a reason to move with your group, you have nothing to worry about; we will be there to help you move safely and satisfactorily. Our 16 seater minibus hire is available for corporate bodies, colleges, schools, and individuals who need to move as a group.

Moreover, we offer minibus taxi transfers in Manchester to transfer persons to any destination. As with all our services, our minibus taxi in Manchester offers comfort, smooth transfer and safety. Whether you are in Manchester for a visit, business or tourism, you can depend on our services to avoid the hassles of looking for a taxi while in the city.

At Manchester Minibus, we continue to improve the quality of our services and grow the numbers and quality of our vehicles to meet the increasing demands of our customers. From luxury coach hire to minibus taxi in Manchester and 16 seater minibus hire, we assure you of the best services possible in Manchester.

As part of our efforts to remain competitive, we have simplified the booking process by creating an online booking platform for easy and seamless ride booking. The platform is safe, efficient and result-oriented. Avoid the hassles associated with moving by hiring Manchester Minibus transfer services.

Contact us at Manchester Minibus for your transfers. We assure you of comfort, fast pickups, safety and stress-free transfers. We have the most competitive rates, the best rates on the market. And we continue to keep our customers satisfied. Contact us today to ride with us without stress.